Pretty much anyone from Medford knows – and loves – this place.  It’s been closed for years, and I hear it’s been purchased by some big outfit and will likely be torn down soon.  ALL RUMORS, of course.  I don’t really know anything, except that it’s a great place to paint, although the black top gets pretty hot, even this early in the warm season.  It’s funny, I listen to audio books when I paint, and often I’ll look at a painting and flash back to segments of a book.  Carl Hiaasen for this one – not very deep, I’m afraid, but if he wrote stories in Southern Oregon, maybe this place would be in one.

Kim's  18" x 20"  Oil on Panel
18″ x 20″
Oil on Panel

5 thoughts on “Kim’s

  1. This is great. My grandpa use to take our whole family to Kim’s once a month. We had several reunions there as well. I still see the waitress that watched us grow up & always told my grandpa that one day she would run off with him as she gave him a smooch.

  2. I love these!! I’m so glad you captured this before demolition started. It’s rare and wonderful that you can so artfully memorialize Kim’s. I love to hear that others had fond memories of the restaurant too!! Thank you!!

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