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My current classes are held at my teaching studio – Project Space in Talent, OR.  To get the most current list of classes, please visit the website:

I teach a variety of classes, all set up to grow students’ ability to realize their own artistic vision.  We focus on timeless principles of drawing and painting that apply to any style of artwork.
  • Proportion
  • Placement
  • Linear Perspective
  • Atmospheric Perspective
  • Structure
  • Values/Tones
  • Understanding Light, Shadow
  • Color
  • Use of materials
  • Anatomy
  • Character
  • Composition

These principles apply to any representational subject.  I regularly teach classes that focus on still life, landscape and figurative work.

My next class on the schedule is Foundational Drawing I starting in July 2019.
We always have Uninstructed Life Drawing on Wednesdays.

I also have art shows planned, as well as an open studio tour in October 2019.  Please visit the site or Facebook page to get the updates.