Plein Air Painting Video

I participated in a paint out event in Roseburg, Oregon and while there, Michael Sullivan, photojournalist at the News Review created this little video profile.

Thanks Mike and check out his work at

10 thoughts on “Plein Air Painting Video

  1. Very nice to see you at work! But did you really have to remind me that after all these years of painting I still don’t know the right way to hold a brush? Sheesh!

  2. Like a pencil. I do almost everything the wrong way and could never teach — I leave the future in your more than capable hands. No pressure!

    1. So nice of you to say I was articulate – good editing and guidance on the filmmaker’s part. Funny though because when I say something like, “I’m connected to the land. period.” What I’m thinking is “I’m connected to the land. Period – because you have to speak in complete sentences for the news.” It was shorthand to myself, but it also makes my statement more emphatic, which is probably fine.

      Also my voice sounds weird. erg.

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