My Trip to Paris — Part One: The Drawings

I went to Paris for the first two weeks of May this year and my trip was entirely focused on studying art.  I went to the Louvre six times – not nearly enough.  I also visited the Orsay, Musee Bourdelle, Montmartre, saw Velasquez show at the Grand Palais, popped into the Musee Carnavalet and I know I missed a PILE of other great stuff.

I documented my trip in paintings and drawings.  Most of these drawings were made in the Louvre – where I actually was moved to tears a few times; putting this album together brings back a bit of the emotional experience.

6 thoughts on “My Trip to Paris — Part One: The Drawings

  1. These are wonderful Sarah! Such fun. Did you ever get a good look at Venus de Milo? When we were there, no one was around her. They were all at the Mona Lisa. I got excited looking at the different artist’s works that you drew. Enlightening!

    1. Thank you! And no, I don’t think I got very close to Venus De Milo. I have to admit I got distracted by other things and forgot to go close! I really must go back!

  2. I like your fine drawings of the great masterpieces of western art. You are now officially part of a long lineage of artists who went to the Louvre to sketch other artists’ work. I think sketched the same Velasquez drawing from the Grand Palais. Musée de Carnavalet one of my favorite museums. Remind me to show you my drawings from there when we have lunch at La Tapatia. Next stops for you should be Florence and Rome, Italy. You will melt when you see the Caravaggio paintings in Rome! It was hard tear myself away from them.

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