Plein Air Medford

Garfield and 99 Medford web
Oil on panel 12″ x 20″

Garfield and Hwy 99, near the new Rogue Federal Credit Union and the new Super Walmart. You can see the new Harry and David building to the right in green. New New NEW!

4 thoughts on “Plein Air Medford

  1. ( Even the Garfield junction is relatively new!) Still, like almost all of your paintings, it evokes a nostalgia. Good work!

  2. Hey! I miss you and hope you are doing fabulously. I just picked up a whole bag of what I believe are your paintings which I plan to remove from the canvases and use as fabric. I would love to have all of your reject canvases as you get rid of them. I will of course return at least one item to you as an exclusive Sarah J. burns canvas bag. What do you think?

    Robbin Pearce, Birdiebags

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