Downtown Medford, Oregon

Well I have been very busy painting and working, I’m still finishing up the Smithfields series, I promise there will be some sort of splash involved.  I will invite you all to the opening, and then once the pieces are “unveiled” I will show them here.  In the mean time, I’ve just scanned some images of pieces I painted last summer.   As you know, lately I prefer to paint urban scenes, and because the traffic and pedestrians move too quickly, they can’t be included, so the pieces have this nice isolation with all the buildings and the sun, making it look like suddenly there are no people in the world.

Oil Painting of Medford, Oregon Street, by Sarah F Burns
Downtown Medford, Oregon

The weather is now nice enough to head out doors, I’m looking forward to traveling to Klamath Falls, Oregon, a town a couple of hours drive over the mountains.  It’s high desert, lots of distance between trees, which I think makes for better paintings.  I just have to plan it.

I’ve been taking photography classes from Ezra Marcos as well.  I’m not trying to become a photographer, but I would like to have better photos for my Etsy shop and this blog.  Check out Ezra’s work, it’s fantastic, very fun.

4 thoughts on “Downtown Medford, Oregon

    1. I guess it’s a bit in the eye of the beholder sometimes – One mans lonely is another mans depressing is another mans peace and quiet. But you’re right, depressing isn’t the best word and when you point this out, I realize that my writing made it sound like I think my paintings are depressing – I don’t – I think the locations themselves in real life are, I think I make them beautiful. Or rather, I point out that these decrepit places that urban renewal forgot are actually beautiful.

  1. Yea! I am looking forward to your big reveal! I hope you have an amazing opening, I wish I could be there:)
    I know what you mean about photos for the Etsy shop. I have similar troubles and trying to get on top of things too.
    Have fun:)

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